New package lockers

Due to the sharp increase in package deliveries since the pandemic began, we had new package lockers installed at the subdivision entrance. Like the mailboxes and lockers of the existing unit, the new lockers are only available for Hill Timber residents, not those outside the HOA who have mailboxes installed at the entrance.

2020 billing

2020 water rates will increase nominally (5%), in accordance with the Bylaws. Non-water dues will stay the same per lot. Please check your email for a notice about a suspicious person spotted in the neighborhood and reported to Troopers.

Working on billing

Several people have inquired about invoices for 2019 water payments and dues.  We are working on it, along with federal taxes, keeping the bills paid, working with the well operator, et cet. A few friendly reminders: Overnight street parking is not allowed. Do not leave junk mail or phone books on top of the mailboxes […]

VFDs, sensing system

For the well pumps, the variable flow devices and remote sensor system installation are imminent.  We have been waiting for parts to arrive from Lower 48.  This will improve the water system tremendously and should eliminate all water hammer. Also, if you got your pressure tank checked/serviced by a licensed professional, submit a copy of […]

water hammer

Multiple people have now reported improved water pressure (this is good) after our recent repairs.  Multiple people have also reported water hammer and/or discoloration (this is bad).  The discoloration is caused by the hammer. I have been in touch with the well operator and tomorrow will get a quote for an improvement that will solve the hammer […]

Well maintenance week of 1/8 and newsletter on its way

The well operator will be performing maintenance this coming week.  We are hoping this does not result in a shutdown and Boil Water Notice, but please be prepared for this possibility.  We will give you as much notice as possible. Each household will soon receive a newsletter and packet with the latest water utility information.  […]

Wellhouse heater

We had the old gas heater in the wellhouse replaced, since it was no longer working.  Last year’s thermocouple replacement limped us along for awhile, but the new heater is safer and more efficient.  A homeowner donated the installation labor.  We will be announcing a shut-off for much-needed well maintenance soon, and unfortunately that will […]

Check your mail …

We recently sent the Spring newsletter.  Please check your mail.  It contains a meeting notice for the Annual Member BBQ.  Thanks!


See Article VI of the CCRs:  NO overnight street parking allowed.  Also, day parking off the lot should be limited to accommodate school buses, fire engines, and snowplows. Thank you!

Water Service Restored: 9:00am

The well operator has restored our water service.  We have a bad heater in the wellhouse, which caused the well to think it was over-pressure, and it shut down (as designed).  There is a temporary heater in the wellhouse now, and we will arrange for replacement of the installed heater as soon as possible.