Lead line inventory + 2024 billing

Homeowners with houses built in the early-mid 1980s will receive a mailing regarding State and Federal required lead line service inventory.

We are working on 2024 water and lot dues billing; so please be on the lookout for that. Thank you!

Keep right-of-way clear

This is your friendly reminder to keep vehicles and other objects out of the right-of-way and safety corridor. Please do not block the snowplow access! There is no overnight street parking in our neighborhood, per Section 14 of the CCRs.

Summer maintenance

You will see the groundskeeping crew at the entrance throughout the summer. Also, we are having a property service company do a bunch of well house repairs and an improvement. They will coordinate with the well operator and we will not have any planned outages, as all the repairs are to the well house and surrounding space.

We’ll also do our mandatory reporting this summer and may order repairs to curb stops that are non-functional.

2023 billing

We are working on 2023 invoices and the federal tax filing. The monthly amount for water payments and the annual amount for lot fees have not changed. If you would like to pay before your invoice is available, you may refer to last year’s invoice for the amounts here: Pay in full or installments.

We are working on a couple of miscellaneous well house repairs after last summer’s improvements, and the water system is healthy and all State filings up to date.

GIS survey

Homeowners will receive a mailing with details about GIS survey activities in the neighborhood starting this week. The certified well operator is mapping and testing our curb stops (water on/off valves). Some are not where they are expected to be, and this will help us get ahead of emergencies when plumbers are on site and need to shut off water.

2021 Annual Meeting

The 2021 Annual Meeting is May 2, 2021, at 3:00pm. It’s a virtual meeting that was announced on a flier included with your 2021 hardcopy billing in late March. Please check your email for a link. Thank you.

New package lockers

Due to the sharp increase in package deliveries since the pandemic began, we had new package lockers installed at the subdivision entrance. Like the mailboxes and lockers of the existing unit, the new lockers are only available for Hill Timber residents, not those outside the HOA who have mailboxes installed at the entrance.