Status of well fix 7/16/15

3:05pm: Water service has been restored! There may be sediment in the water; so flush your lines to clear it up. If anyone has low pressure, clean out/change filters and faucet screens. The service people ended up having to do the gate valve swap live because the system wasn’t draining very quickly and they wanted to speed things up. That valve will serve us for the next 20+ years.

12:45pm: So far the well tank and switch fix is going fine. However, when they turned the gate valve to turn the system back on, the gate valve failed. To fix it, they are having to drain the entire system (this takes awhile). They’ve picked up the part they need, and it will take about 20 minutes to fix after the system is done draining. It will be into the afternoon before the system is back in water.

We have hoses open to help drain the system, and I will post here when I am notified that the system is fixed and water service is restored.