Wellhouse heater

We had the old gas heater in the wellhouse replaced, since it was no longer working.  Last year’s thermocouple replacement limped us along for awhile, but the new heater is safer and more efficient.  A homeowner donated the installation labor.  We will be announcing a shut-off for much-needed well maintenance soon, and unfortunately that will be attended by a Boil Water Notice.  Be on the alert for a notice about that.

There are still some households that are refusing to pay their dues and water payments.  We will be pursuing those again with shut-off notices.  Remember that water payments will go up again in January for 2018, as we move toward normalizing them so we stay in the black and have an emergency fund for well pump replacement or water main repairs, which would involve excavation of the roadway.

Lastly, we have renewed the HOA insurance policies.