2021 Annual Meeting

The 2021 Annual Meeting is May 2, 2021, at 3:00pm. It’s a virtual meeting that was announced on a flier included with your 2021 hardcopy billing in late March. Please check your email for a link. Thank you.

New package lockers

Due to the sharp increase in package deliveries since the pandemic began, we had new package lockers installed at the subdivision entrance. Like the mailboxes and lockers of the existing unit, the new lockers are only available for Hill Timber residents, not those outside the HOA who have mailboxes installed at the entrance.

2020 billing

2020 water rates will increase nominally (5%), in accordance with the Bylaws. Non-water dues will stay the same per lot.

Please check your email for a notice about a suspicious person spotted in the neighborhood and reported to Troopers.

Working on billing

Several people have inquired about invoices for 2019 water payments and dues.  We are working on it, along with federal taxes, keeping the bills paid, working with the well operator, et cet.

A few friendly reminders:

  • Overnight street parking is not allowed.
  • Do not leave junk mail or phone books on top of the mailboxes for other people to clean up.
  • We will have some potential volunteer opportunities this spring and summer for neighborhood projects and well-house repairs.
  • We will organize an annual meeting barbecue this summer.

Thank you.


See Article VI of the CCRs:  NO overnight street parking allowed.  Also, day parking off the lot should be limited to accommodate school buses, fire engines, and snowplows.

Thank you!

Latest News – 4/12/16

  1. Our well water Monitoring Summary is in, and our sampling and sampling plan, certification update, and consumer confidence reports are all up to date.  WATER CONSERVATION MEASURES will be implemented within the subdivision due to significantly lower than average winter snow accumulation, resulting in lower well production and stress on our water system.
    • Lawn-watering technique and schedules will be suggested to reduce water usage and stress on the aquifer.
    • In accordance with our tariff, if you are observed and reported using excessive amounts of water and/or abusing the water system, you will be fined $100 per occurrence.
  2. We had some homeowners wondering if the email list signup is working.  On the Mailing List page, we removed the embedded form and replaced it with a link to MailChimp to sign up.  One issue that may have been preventing your receipt of emails is new spam rules because we use a Gmail address.  We are working on that.
  3. To use PayPal to pay your regular dues and water dues, please use the Pay Your Bill page.  There is now only one option, which is one payment based on the invoice you receive.  In the future we’ll look at offering recurring payments.
  4. The combination of absentee ballots and attendees’ votes at the March 16, 2016, special meeting resulted in a water dues increase as proposed to all members.  You will be receiving an additional bill to cover the increase for the balance of 2016 after we update our tariff with the Regulatory Commission.  The proposed increases will roll out for 2017, 2018, and 2019, as voted on.
  5. Homeowners who are not current on dues will have their water shut off in [EDIT:  August] at their expense.  We’ve reviewed our plan with the Regulatory Commission already, with no complaint.
  6. We’ve successfully filed the state and federal taxes back to 2007 to catch us up to current.
  7. We’ll be putting together a newsletter with greater detail, including our up-to-date budget and issues.

Water pressure drop

We have two service techs on the way this morning to address the drop in water pressure we’ve experienced the last couple of days.  We’ll follow up if there’s anything major to report.  Otherwise, just know we’re on it.

AW&P lead and copper sampling

If Anchorage Well & Pump Service left you a water sampling kit, please use it according to the instructions.  This is part of our community well water testing in addition to that which they do at the source.

Some of us have in the past received water sampling kits from other vendors, looking to sell well services or water treatment systems.  This AW&P sampling is legit and not part of a sales pitch.  They service our well pumps and generator on contract.