See Article VI of the CCRs:  NO overnight street parking allowed.  Also, day parking off the lot should be limited to accommodate school buses, fire engines, and snowplows.

Thank you!

Water Service Restored: 9:00am

The well operator has restored our water service.  We have a bad heater in the wellhouse, which caused the well to think it was over-pressure, and it shut down (as designed).  There is a temporary heater in the wellhouse now, and we will arrange for replacement of the installed heater as soon as possible.

Little or no water pressure


We are aware there is little or no water pressure throughout the subdivision.  The well operator emergency dispatch has been called, and we are waiting for a response.

As soon as we know anything, we will keep you as informed as possible.  There are many residents STILL not on the email list.  We don’t have volunteer time nor (wo)manpower to walk fliers around or make phone calls; so please spread the word and ask anyone not on the email list to do us the courtesy of subscribing at THIS LINK.

Thank you!
Your faithful volunteer Board of Directors

Board meeting Q3

The Board will be meeting this month (Sept. 2016) to count absentee ballots for Board member elections, take a look at our current financial position, and other admin matters pertaining to the HOA.  If you haven’t returned your ballot and/or come up to current with your dues and water payments account, please do so ASAP so we don’t have to spend volunteer time chasing them down.  Thanks.

Today’s 7/24 bbq meeting CANCELED

Sorry for the late notice.  We are preemptively canceling today’s bbq meeting for members due to bad weather.  Historically turnout for these meetings when the sun is not shining is low, and we don’t want to do all the work to line out the supplies and set up if we then have to send absentee ballots anyway.  So we’re going to cut straight to a new newsletter with absentee ballots for officers.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact us.  Otherwise, the current officers have volunteered to run for your vote for another year.

July billing and member meeting

BBQ Meeting 7/24

We have scheduled a Member Barbeque Meeting for July 24 from 3:00-5:00pm. Please note that we will be voting on officers at that meeting.  More info is available in the mailing, described below.

Mailing and Billing

We are putting together a mailing to each owner with a newsletter and your July bill, reflecting the water fees increase voted into the bylaws by the membership in March.  More details on the bill, along with the current budget, are in the mailing packet.  You should expect this by next week.

Latest News – 4/12/16

  1. Our well water Monitoring Summary is in, and our sampling and sampling plan, certification update, and consumer confidence reports are all up to date.  WATER CONSERVATION MEASURES will be implemented within the subdivision due to significantly lower than average winter snow accumulation, resulting in lower well production and stress on our water system.
    • Lawn-watering technique and schedules will be suggested to reduce water usage and stress on the aquifer.
    • In accordance with our tariff, if you are observed and reported using excessive amounts of water and/or abusing the water system, you will be fined $100 per occurrence.
  2. We had some homeowners wondering if the email list signup is working.  On the Mailing List page, we removed the embedded form and replaced it with a link to MailChimp to sign up.  One issue that may have been preventing your receipt of emails is new spam rules because we use a Gmail address.  We are working on that.
  3. To use PayPal to pay your regular dues and water dues, please use the Pay Your Bill page.  There is now only one option, which is one payment based on the invoice you receive.  In the future we’ll look at offering recurring payments.
  4. The combination of absentee ballots and attendees’ votes at the March 16, 2016, special meeting resulted in a water dues increase as proposed to all members.  You will be receiving an additional bill to cover the increase for the balance of 2016 after we update our tariff with the Regulatory Commission.  The proposed increases will roll out for 2017, 2018, and 2019, as voted on.
  5. Homeowners who are not current on dues will have their water shut off in [EDIT:  August] at their expense.  We’ve reviewed our plan with the Regulatory Commission already, with no complaint.
  6. We’ve successfully filed the state and federal taxes back to 2007 to catch us up to current.
  7. We’ll be putting together a newsletter with greater detail, including our up-to-date budget and issues.

Special homeowner voting meeting 3/10

Please save the date!  March 10, 2016, at 6:30pm, we will call a short special meeting to vote on a necessary water dues increase, as expenses will outpace revenues in 2016 and dues have never gone up.  We reviewed this at the January meeting, but hardly anyone showed up.  Our well expenses continue to increase, as we approach pump failure and the EPA and DEC continue handing down monitoring regulations to keep us safe from E. coli and other contaminants.  We are working on reserving a meeting space, and you will receive a notice in the mail as per usual.

Member Meeting 1/16/16

A Hill Timber Estates Subdivision Homeowners Association member meeting is scheduled for January 16, 2016, in the afternoon.  Please save the date!  The Board Secretary, Roxanne, is sending out a mailing to each household to notice the meeting in accordance with our Bylaws.  Hope to see you there!

Water pressure drop

We have two service techs on the way this morning to address the drop in water pressure we’ve experienced the last couple of days.  We’ll follow up if there’s anything major to report.  Otherwise, just know we’re on it.